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Top 10 Best Antivirus for iPhone or iPad

Apple provides high security to its iPhone and iPad but still the black world of the internet somehow finds some bugs and get on the iPhone and iPad of users to infect them with viruses and malwares. Although the chances of getting virus of malwares are very less on iOS running devices but no one likes to take chances.

If you own an iPhone or iPad then you must install particular app which is responsible to fight with all the viruses and malwares coming towards your device.

Top 10 Best Antivirus for iPhone or iPad

Here I’m including the list of Top 10 Best Antivirus for iPhone or iPad. You can grab them from the official iTunes app store. Once any of these antivirus apps is installed there then you don’t need to worry about infections. For More Info Visit: blog

McAfee Global Threat Intelligence Mobile


This one is the most recommended and popular antivirus available for free on the iTunes app store. The app is compatible with both iPhone and iPad (both iPad and iPad mini) and it provides almost complete protection to your device.

The app got a clean, simple and elegant UI which means it’s totally perfect as an antivirus app. The necessary tools which should be there in an antivirus app are all there inside and once it’s installed then you don’t need to worry about the security. The best part is that it is available for free.


This one is a paid app that is fully trained to provide complete virus and malware protection to the iOS running devices, yes the iPhone and iPad.

The app has got elegant UI yet simple to use and packs all the required features like virus scanner, remover, internet protection, privacy control, etc.


Lookout is available for free for both iPad and iPhone and it is also popular here in the iTunes store same like GooglePlay store. The app comes with all the antivirus features and also provides backup tools.

It also helps in locating the lost iPhone or iPad and you can easily wipe out your data remotely. With the help of this app you can display a custom message too on your device.

Anti-Virus Detective

One of my favorite antivirus apps is this one. I’ve been using it on my iPad mini as soon as I buy that. The app isn’t available for free but cost just $0.99.

Yes, it packs all the required features which you thinking right now and I really like its UI. The spy protection is also there in the tool.

Few more names in the list of Top 10 Best Antivirus for iPhone or iPad that you can try out on your iPhone or iPad are,

  1. Antivirus Lite and Antivirus HD
  2. SkanAware
  3. Avast
  4. Norton Mobile Security
  5. Mobile Security and MDM
  6. ESSET
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Download EPF Passbook with UAN for EPF Balance Enquiry

Every member who is a part of the Provident fund act has been allotted a UAN or universal account number by the Minister of labor and employment. Visit the official site and click on login which is on the right side of the displayed page.Once you tick on the instructions box you will be taken further to active your account and get started to check you PF status using UAN. Follow the below steps to download your EPF passbook and view other details associated with your EPF balance from epf .


  1. Enter your universal account number or UAN.
  2. Enter the mobile number which you want to get registered with to receive messages and notifications.
  3. Select your office and state and provide the company code. In case you don’t have a company code you can request it from your employer.
  4. Type the captcha code as shown and proceed. You will receive a PIN on your provided mobile number.
  5. Use this to create your password and login to your account with UAN number as your user name.
  6. Once you have logged in you can find all details pertaining to your PF status which included contributions made previously and lately.

You can also download your PF passbook to know the exact details and get it updated. If you want to update any information it can be done using the official EPFO portal. You can also use passport or Aadhar card for KYC purpose. The EPF balance enquiry check can thus be done easily done with the link mentioned above. All you have to do it login with your Universal account number and provide the generated password. The passbook will give you exact details of all your transactions and hence keep you updated with your EPF balance.


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10 SEO Tricks to Improve your Rank in Google

There are very few viewers who move to the second or third page of the Google search results. It means that if your page comes after top 10 results then you are mostly invisible to the traffic. Below are 10 solid tips to upgrade your rankings in the Google search engine results.

1.      Relevant and top quality content

Useful content is the way to attract more traffic and increase the probability of sharing the page in social media. Best contents have word counts ranging 1500 to 2500. Remember that the content will vary topic wise. Add more keywords and do not make it unnecessarily longer.

2.      Speed of page loading

Google counts the speed of page loading as a parameter for website ranking process. Reduce the volume of the page as much as possible to make it lighter and easier to load.

3.      Keywords

Do research properly with to come up with the best set of keywords. The keywords will make your page more visible to the search engines.

4.      Plan link building and use back-links

Prepare a plan for link building and maintain the frequency. Know how many and what type of back-links are required to purchase to meet the expectation of the search engine.

5.      Content updating

Old content does not get recognized by the search engines. Updating the content in a regular basis can make the page relevant and fresh. The search engine will pick up the fresh first.

6.      No flash based platforms

Avoid using Flash based platforms as the page rank will decrease. Go WordPress instead to increase the ranking.

7.      Page titles

The title describes the content of your page in few words. This helps the search engine to pick up the page. Keep the description minimum and use keywords properly. 50 to 60 characters is the optimum range which attract Google to pick up the site.

8.      ALT tags

The alternative texts that are added with the images and videos used in the site allow Google to find your page. Proper ALT tags increase page rankings.

9.      URL format

The first look Google gets is the URL. Keep it simple and easy so that the engine can find it most relevant. Help the search engine to categorize your site pages by properly structuring the URL.

10.  Progress monitoring

Constantly keep track of the search statistics. There are many tools that allow a user to do so regularly. The information of visitors and medium to get into your site will help you to increase your page rank in the future.

Visit this website to know more.

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Top 10 Best Antivirus for iPhone or iPad

Apple provides high security to its iPhone and iPad but still the black world of the internet somehow finds some bugs and get on the iPhone and iPad of users to infect them with viruses and malwares. Although the chances … Continue reading


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